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Ramshorn snails are very buoyant and some may be floating upon arrival.  This is a natural behavior of this species of snail and not an indication the snail is dead. They can even crawl upside down on the water surface using surface tension to move about. If you are concerned a snail may be dead see if the body is gone, or decaying and they'll also have a strong odor.  You can also shake the snail under water and if the body floats out the snail is deceased, if it remains in the shell it's alive and still attached to the shell. The body detaches from the shell when they die.


These snails will eat algae along with dead and decaying vegetable matter and generally do not eat live healthy growing plant parts. This makes them a nice addition to ponds and aquariums where they can aid in controlling algae growth. They will also eat uneaten fish food, algae wafers and can be fed cut up vegetables such as cut green beans, sliced carrots, and lettuce leaves.


Although these snails aquatic they can leave the water and should be kept in an aquarium with a lid. From my observations they don't crawl out much further then 1-2 inches away from the surface. They can live well in a wide range of water temperatures from near freezing to the upper 80's and will reproduce best in temperatures of 73-78 degrees. pH is best around 6.8-7.2. If you treat your aquarium or pond with any chemicals you should remove all invertebrates. Many medicines and water treatments are only fish safe and may kill your snails so check the warning or call the manufacturer before using them with the snails. Quarantine your snails and other invertebrates in a container of untreated water for a few days if needed. Copper which is commonly used as a algeacide is extremely lethal to snails and can burn them.

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