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For Aquariums

Bullfrog tadpoles should be kept in a well filtered full water aquarium or a half water, half land tank with a water temperature of 60-80 degrees. Tadpoles are very sensitive to chlorine and it can destroy their slime layer so if you use tap water make sure all chlorine has been removed with a water conditioner. Tadpoles are very peaceful in this stage of their life and usually do best with non-aggressive fish or a community type tank. Tadpoles can be housed singly, but they tend to remain inactive. They do best in groups of two or more individuals. When kept in small groups they tend to swim together, and are usually a lot more active but be careful of overcrowding so you don't exceed filtering capacity. Tadpoles can be fed flake fish food, tadpole pellets, algae wafers, and cut up frozen vegetables. When they get older they will also eat blood-worms.

Adult bullfrogs should have a shallow pool that they can easily get in and out of and an area of dry ground. Be very careful about using tap water. Most tap water contains chlorine which can be harmful to most Bullfrogs, and tadpoles are particularly sensitive. To avoid sickness from chlorine, you can either filter your water,let it sit for 1-2 weeks, or use bottled drinking water. The amount of water to be added is also important, and it should only be deep enough to cover them. Bullfrogs need something to get a grip on, so it is a good idea to have small stones or pebbles in the bottom.  A comfortable temperature for these guys is about 65-80 degrees. They can be fed a variety of insects, feeder fish, and baby mice (not my preference).  They can and often will try to eat anything smaller than they are including their own species.

For Ponds

If you have an established pond the water will be fine and you shouldn't need to add much food as there will be enough algae for your tadpoles to feed on. Large tadpoles will survive in a pond with gold fish but larger fish may try eat very young tadpoles or anything they can get in their mouth for that matter. Once adults they will usually need a few hiding spots on the water edge such as a broken flower pot, rock pile, plants, or driftwood. If they don't feel secure they will leave in search of a more suitable habitat so make sure they have hiding spots. Never try to handle or catch them as this also causes them to leave in search of a safer place to live. During the winter in colder climates tadpoles they will do well hibernating in your pond as long as it doesn't freeze completely solid. As adults they hibernate in the muck at the bottom of ponds so if at least 6-12 inches of this cannot be provided they should be housed indoors or they won't survive the winter.

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